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Our service aids VA hospitals in achieving compliance with regulations related to overnight pharmacy staffing at a fraction of the cost required for on-site access to licensed pharmacy professionals.

Inpatient Prescription Verification

Verify inpatient prescriptions, ER orders, and IMO orders, that have been entered into CPRS and will log-in to VISTA to check pending/non-verified orders in a timely manner during the after hours when the local pharmacy closes until it reopens, 7 days a week. WPS will provide you with a toll-free number for medial staff to request information and have access to pharmacists throughout the night.

Each medication is reviewed for the following:

Drug-drug interactions

Therapeutic duplications and contraindications

Recorded drug allergies

Appropriate doses, appropriate route of administration, appropriate administration time(s), and accurate directions

Order start time to ensure the final order will be active at the appropriate time and understandable to the medical practitioner administering, or to the patient taking the medication.

Clarify with the appropriate party prior to processing any pending medication not meeting standards for completeness, restrictions, lacking clinical information and those requiring consults

Using the VA National Formulary (VANF) to review pending orders and make efforts to utilize formulary agents

Outpatient Order Verification

WPS provides outpatient virtual pharmacy services for order verification at VA Medical Centers and Community-Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs). The verification and processing are done in a timely manner per VHA guidelines, to provide the patients with their outpatient prescriptions for medications and supplies.


WPS Virtual Pharmacists:

Provide virtual pharmacy services 24/7, to ensure pending orders are verified within 48 hours after being entered

Ensure that all orders in the queue are below your daily limit requirment

Evaluate each prescription order for appropriate doeses, accurate directions for the patient, and any potential contraindications, including drug allergiesand drug-drug interactions

Ensure that each prescription label provides clear and appropriate directions for proper use of medication

Access CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System) to review progress notes and evaluate laboratory test results to assist in the verification of pending prescription orders for special needs items

Execute the therapeutic interchange based on guidelines from VA PBM and VISN

Assist with the order processing of eRx sent from the IEP Processing Hub down to VISTA, and into the eRx holding queue

Long Term Care Services

Review medication regimen and communicate with the prescribing physician and nurse practitioner. Everything is documented by an electronic chart.


WPS Virtual Pharmacists:

Perform or obtain necessary assessments of the patient's health status

Formulate a medication treatment plan

Answer specific questions on drug information

Patient or POA conseling on new medications

Warfarin dosing and INR monitoring

Evaluation and management of medication side effects

Pain and psychotropic medication monitoring

Establish Long Term Care Safety Goals and Elements of Performance

Quarterly and annual medication reviews

ADPAC Services

Assist with Cerner conversion and training of the pharmacy staff

Provide consultation in implementation of Cerner and associated software and hardware package within the VISTA and CPRS

Assist in preparation of CPRS version 32 and future updates

Provide data analytics services

Local pharmacy drug file clean up

Assist to build IV quick code and template for CPRS and VISTA

Assist supervisory personnel in developing staff training programs for VISTA and GUI applications

Assist Pharmacy Management Team to provide administrative, technical, analytical and ADP support

Provide computer education, training, and orientation for pharmacy staff, interns, externs, and residency students on Pharmacy outpatient and inpatient applications, CPRS and other database applications with proprietary software/hardware

Collaborates with ADPACS/Informatics Specialists from other services, when required to address problems that cross service lines

Serve as liaison between Pharmacy Service, and OI&T and Clinical Applications Coordinators

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Since 2004

WPS has provided virtual pharmacy services exclusively to more than 40 VA Medical Centers and Community-Based Outpatient Clinics nationwide.